About Me

Hello, and welcome!  My name is Ryan Gibson.  I am a Digital Learning Specialist/EdTech Coach in Fort Worth, TX with over 15 years of experience working in K-12 education, including 12 years as a full-time classroom teacher.  Actually, my experience working with students goes back farther than that… as an 8th grader growing up in suburban Chicago, I taught saxophone lessons to kids in my neighborhood who were just getting started on the instrument.  In that experience, I discovered a lifelong passion for education, and have spent my life in the field; I know how to help students to achieve their greatest potential, I know what teachers need to help students to succeed, and I know quality and effective instruction.

As an instructional designer and educational technologist, I believe in using the tools of technology to facilitate and support student-centered instruction and pedagogy.  As a teacher, I know that this vision of educational technology integration has not yet been achieved for all of our students in all of our classrooms.  Therefore, in my research completed while earning a Master of Science in Learning Technologies, I explored factors that impact technology integration in the classroom , and in my work have created resources for teaching and learning that seek to mitigate those factors that might prohibit it.  For example, to address the issue of access and resource availability, many of my eLearning courses make extensive use of Open Education Resources (OERs) – web-based tools and materials for teaching and learning that may be freely used and re-used.  Additionally, learning modules and materials are intentionally flexible to fit a variety of learning and training environments, whether 100% online, blended, or in a more traditional synchronous instructor-led format.  Another example is my research and work in development of alternative approaches to professional development.  In my research I have explored a model for professional development that provides continuous training in a small group setting, which related research shows will likely result in greater teacher comfort with and improved attitudes toward technology in their classrooms.  Combining this with my inquiries into learner motivation, I have designed resources for professional development such as my Canvas-based course Teaching with DAW Software and my multi-media ebook A Teacher’s Guide to Songwriting and Recording, which serve to facilitate technology integration more effectively than traditional “sit-and-get” models of training.

It is my goal to help instructors to maximize learner achievement through the tools and application of educational technology. I want to help instructors navigate and incorporate new and emerging technologies in their training by curating and/or creating tools for teaching and learning that are “exciting, energetic, enthusiastic, excellent, and educational”, in addition to “electronic”.  I want to develop and deliver synchronous and asynchronous training to learners that is effective, efficient, and appealing, and that empowers trainers to select and use the right technology, in the right way, with the right students, for the right purpose.  I believe that my training, experience, and work are reflective of my ability to do all of this, and hope that you will consider me for your needs in educational technology and instructional design.

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